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9th Annual Conference

Palliative Medicine in Primary Care
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Click on the links below to view the corresponding presentation. Some files are large in size and may take some time.


Indications and challenges of oral anticoagulation [1.4 MB]

Ali Taher

Chronic care of the asthmatic child Zeina Baz
The early management of an ischemic stroke: pitfalls and recommendations [1.4 MB] Souheil Karaa
Initial workup of vascular thrombosis of the retinal vessels Georges Maalouly

Pain management of chronically ill patients

Hicham Abou Zeid
Opening ceremony  
Round Table: Future of primary care in Lebanon  


Breakfast discussion: Truth telling: is our culture ready?

Antoine Corban

Palliative care: The role of the primary care physician

Scott Murray

Prolonging life or ending suffering: ethical and legal concerns

Thalia Arawi

Lesson from family medicine in the care of dying patient

Michael Kidd

Coffee Break


Management of physical symptoms

Ramzi Hajjar

The last 48 hours

Hibah Osman

Psychological face of palliative care

Tima Al Jamil

Empowering the caregiver

Myrna Doumit

Sponsored by Lili
Major Depressive syndrome: from remission to i

Naji Riyachi

Lunch Break


Sponsored by
Updates in treatment of Diabetes Mellitus 2

Ibrahim Salti

Advancing Palliative care in Arab countries: Experiences from the region 

Sami Alsirafy (Egypt)

Scope of family medicine in the Arab countries

Maya Romani

Management of pressure ulcers

Mansour Dib

Identifying patients who would benefit from palliative care

Scott Murray




Is treatment mandatory for patients with PCOS?

Jinan Usta

How to be a resilient family doctor in the 21st century

Michael Kidd

Radiologic evaluation and acute management of urolithiasis [6 MB]

Elie Nemr

Coffee break


Clinical pearls for the management of red eye in primary care office

Beatrice Khater

Updates in treatment of hypertension [2 MB]

Antoine Sarkis

Latest breast cancer screening guidelines: applicability in the Lebanese population

Arafat Toufaily

Symposium by Sanofi Adventis  




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