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Activities of the Society of Family Medicine

May 19 was announced the family Doctor Day by WONCA to recognize the contribution of family doctors to the wellbeing of individuals, their families and the health care system. The Lebanese Society of Family Medicine has conducted several activities to celebrate that day, some of the them were conducted on that day and others still to be done.

What was done so far:

  • Having posters issued for the occasion reading "who is better than your family doctors to care for you and your family". These were placed in public places like malls, supermarket, healthclubs, pharmacies.. and in some primary care centers. Thanks to Dr Ashkar for helping in designing the poster.

  • Having health nut bags, bearing the logo of the family doctor day, distributed also in public places like malls, supermarket, healthclubs, pharmacies.. and in some primary care centers, including the family medicine training center at University St Joseph. This was partially sponsored by Castania nuts.

  • Having family doctors participate in TV shows on several local and international channels to talk about the contribution of Family Medicine to the wellbeing of individuals and their families as well as to the health care system. Some of these interviews were broadcasted , others will be broadcasted shortly. The Society appreciates the efforts of Drs Nabil Kanaan, Rania Sakr, Ahmad Naser

  • Organized an "open house" in June 11, 2014 with the Family Medicine department at the American University of Beirut. Residents in training will be manning health booths and answering questions raised by walk in community members.

What is planned to be done:

  • Having a theme for the Family Doctor Day, for the following years, along the principles of Family Medicine. The theme will be announced during the annual meeting of the Society which is usually held in November. The Family Medicine training centers in Lebanon, the Society and volunteer family doctors already in practice will be planning and developing activities along this theme. These activities will be implemented on the following Family Doctor day.

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