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Public Advisory Board (PAB): Why?

The Lebanese Society of Family Medicine (LSFM) operates under the umbrella of the Lebanese order of Physicians. The LSFM works on improving the quality of primary health care in Lebanon. A healthier society will have better life quality.


Cooperate with grass root organizations and others to support functions that have positive impact on the well being of the society.


A positive relation between health-takers and givers helps in improving social, psychological, and physical well being of the community.


  • Consolidate a positive relationship between the public and health professionals
  • Promote activities that support production of scientific material (Research, audiovisual material, brochures, others)
  • Provide technical support to grass root organizations that directly or indirectly promote health

Public Advisory Board (PAB): Activities

  1. Cooperation with Marathon Beirut: A strong cooperation exists between the Lebanese Society of Family Medicine (LSFM) and Marathon Beirut. On the marathon days, some family physicians man the health stations and other ran. In the 2005 annual conference of the LSFM, the public lecture was "The Marathon: What Runners Need to Know." Health educational activities to runners will continue.

  2. Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA): This organization is focused on reducing road traffic accidents. The LSFM provides technical expertise for YASA; mainly in the research and field and raising awareness of the public on safety issues.

  3. Cooperation with Al-Amal Institute: This organization looks after the welfare of the handicapped. In July 2006 the LSFM was supposed to organize a health fare in Al-Amal summer camp in the South of Lebanon. Unfortunately, the Israelite aggression aborted this activity.

  4. Anti smoking campaign:
    • The LSFM conducted a context to select lyrics for an anti-smoking clip. Knowing that this problem starts in early teens and affects adults, it was decided to have two clips for two target groups- teenagers and adults. For that two poems were selected. The LSFM identified a group of teenagers to play one of those poems as a RAP song, and a renowned singer-player, Sami Hawwat, to sing the second one on the "oud". These performers presented their works at the fifth annual conference of the LSFM on November 10, 2006. The LSFM plans to have these two songs filmed in two video-clips each lasting around one minute. These video-clips can be diffused widely and free-of-charge across the Arab world. (Click below to listen)
    • To be effective, awareness campaigns should be continuous. For that PAC decided to lobby for smoke free areas in restaurants. This campaign is supported by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health; World Health Organization; Lebanese Order of Physicians; and the Syndicate of Lebanese Restaurants. Eventually we plan to have a directory for restaurants that offer smoke free areas.

    • In HORECA 2007 at Biel (March 27-30) the LSFM had a booth to promote its anti-smoking campaign. Here hotel and restaurant owners /managers, as well as the public were
      • Given educational material on the hazards of passive (people who inhale smoke) and active smoking
      • Invited to fill a survey that examines their attitudes toward designated free smoking area.
      • Invited to participate in the contest and have a chance to win valuable prizes.
    • On May 16, 2007 a group of the LSFM and PAC met at Godot pub, a place that provides a smoke free environment every Wednesday, to:
      • Thank all members who helped in the HORECA 2007 event Thank Mrs. Joumana Damous and Wafa Usta who offered the booth to the LSFM Encourage the manager of Godot pub (Visit photo gallery)

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